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Why Our Courses

Our passion for service, experience and level of commitment to deliver is what makes us one step ahead of the competition

wsib approved & Red cross Cert.

We are the direct training partner of RED CROSS. The certificate is valid for three years and WSIB approved. We offer blended and in-class.

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Our passion for service, experience & level of commitment makes the difference​. We are with you until and after that as well...........

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WSIB Approved Red Cross First Aid CPR/AED Level C - Standard

A hands on, interactive course teaching simple First Aid & CPR techniques for individuals who want an overview of First Aid & CPR for the workplace or home. 


$ 123 +HST
  • Instructor Led
  • 25 Locations To Attend From
  • Red Cross Certificate
  • Valid For Three Years
  • WSIB Approved
  • No Hidden Fee


$ 123 +HST
  • Instructor Led & Web Based
  • 25 Locations To Attend From
  • Red Cross Certificate
  • Certificate Valid for Three Years
  • WSIB Approved
  • No Hidden Fee

What To Expect

This is 16 hours, 2 days course covers a wide range of First Aid injuries, illnesses and life threatening emergencies. You may choose to take a blended course – one full day in class (8 hours) & one full day online.



What is the difference between Emergency & Standard First Aid?

Emergency First Aid meets the requirements of some employers and provincial workplaces. These usually include recreational facility staff, summer camp councilors, personal trainers, medical and laboratory technicians, security guards, etc. The minimum requirement to receive a security guard licence is emergency First Aid.

Standard First Aid is on the same token the most common type of course that is required in most workplaces and provincial bodies. People who have Standard First Aid training can offer far more assistance during emergencies, including illnesses, life-threatening emergencies, and serious injuries.

Check with your institution what type of training you require before enrolling for one.


What is the difference between Levels A & C?

While Level A concentrate on adult only, Level C teaches both adult and baby.




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Blended Learning means on-line / in-class training. Instead of doing everything is class, you would complete part of the course at home or office and other part in-class. Participants must first complete the self-paced online component, which includes a knowledge evaluation, then successfully complete an instructor-led classroom component (skills practice and evaluation session) in order to achieve certification.

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