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Welcome to our First Aid CPR/AED training & certification


All our First Aid CPR/AED training and certification are WSIB & CANADIAN RED CROSS approved and are valid for 3 years.

First Aid CPR must be done in-class / Blended (Emergency First Aid CPR/AED training is one day in-class or blended.

If the emergency First Aid CPR course is less than eight hours in time, that means the course is Blended. The blended course is five hours in-class and three hours online. The online component of First Aid CPR must be completed before attending in-class session of First Aid CPR. You will receive an online portion of First Aid CPR course two days before in-class training if you select blended First Aid CPR.

Standard First Aid CPR/AED is two days in-class training or Blended(one day in-class and eight hours online). Same blended class rules apply for the standard similar to emergency.

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