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Did you know we are the Ministry Approved licence Agency? learn more behind the scenes at beyond!

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Canadian Red Cross

All our First Aid CPR certificates are Red Cross Certified & WSIB Approved.


Starts with the uniform and is conveyed to the courtesy and respect shown to all stakeholders while conducting business in social gatherings.


Darkcity Security focuses on providing authentic, accurate, and reliable data and information to clients. Our success is communicated by our continued growth and development within the industry. 


Darkcity Security recognizes and supports the changing demographics of Canada. We will leverage our diversity to grow the business and seek new opportunities.


We work independently and in a team environment. Think strategically and make decisions in a timely manner and collaboratively when possible.

Our Mission.

is to serve the Canadian Population by Protecting Assets and Personnel in a Safe and Just Manner. At the Heart of Darkcity Security is our Core Values that all the Employees Exhibit on a daily basis: 

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality customer-focused security services where you always receive the best value for your “security spend” from our professionally trained officers.
Our passion for service, our experience, and our level of commitment to delivery are what make us one step ahead of the competition.

Do we hire security guards?

we are the Ministry approved agency to hire security guards directly

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